Online Training and Coaching

Moving the gym to your house... 

...and taking your coach with you!

At MFPF we are offer a number of online training options that we truly believe will continue to provide value while helping you stay active, keep you moving, and help you stay strong, fast, and explosive!! 

With our online options, we always take into consideration your training goals. Here are the options we offer at MFPF:


Which option would make the most sense for you?

  • Free Youtube videos - on our Moving Forward Performance and Fitness YouTube page we have a number of videos with exercise demonstrations as well as short at home strength/mobility series. Our coaches would be more than willing to send you links to ones you should focus on as well as give suggestions on which ones to utilize moving forward. 

  • True Coach training programs - If you are self motivated and confident in your ability to carve out some time to do at home training sessions while giving it your best effort in each session this could be the perfect option for you. You will receive a session/program plan from your coach through the True Coach online platform (free to sign up) where you will have your session laid out for you with videos attached to each exercise explaining proper form/technique. The True Coach platform is interactive and allows you to send feedback to your coach and also allows them to track your progress through the app. 

  • Virtual Sessions - With this option we utilize FaceTime/Zoom/Skype to video chat with you during your training session. This is a great way to still get coaching and cuing in real time. This option truly is the best option when it comes to getting your training to look the most like what you receive in our facility. We take advantage of any equipment you may already have as well as recommending good equipment to purchase to help maximize these at home sessions. If you are interested in pursuing multi-home (with your friends) online sessions  we have options available there as well, so please contact your primary coach if you are interested. 

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