Corporate Training and Health/Wellness


Corporate America can be one of long hours at a desk, in a car, on a plane, as well as constanlty being in and out of hotels with minimal time to eat and exercise properly. There are a couple different services I provide to help corporate employees receive the knowledge and training they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 


First, I offer industry leading on-site corporate training. I will travel to your company to bring fitness programs to the employees of your corporation. This requires you to either, have an open space big enough to fit 15-20 people comfortably, or already have a fitness facility set up that is conducive to hold a fitness class. With that said, prices vary depending on if you have a facility with equipment or if you do not and I have to provide the equipment. 


Second, I offer seminars related to proper health and wellness lifestyle practices. In these seminars I will provide information on proper exercise duration/frequency, benefits of exercising and eating healthy, nutritional guidance, and proper lifestyle balances.  All these things play a vital part in positive personal and professional work environments and relationships. 


Please contact me with any questions or concerns on how I can start helping your company in these areas!

Benefits from Exercise

Participants in regular exercise routines may experience improvements in:


  • health

  • well-being 

  • mood

  • work productivity 

  • work efficiency

  • work relationships 

  • sleep patterns 

  • mental clarity

  • drive/motivation

  • and more

"Better today than I was yesterday"

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