After several months of training with Brandon, I have become a stronger, faster, and more well-rounded athlete. During our first sessions, he evaluated my skills to determine weaknesses to focus on in addition to exercises intended to improve my performance on the track. He challenges me to work hard and always ensures I execute with proper form to guarantee safety.

Mackenzie Gray

Harvard University

"Our whole family has worked with Ed for the past three years.  As adult athletes, we have seen our health and athletic performance increase significantly since working with Ed.  We are better adult hockey players because of the work he does with us.  Ed adapts his training sessions to our goals and abilities and helps us to perform better on the ice.  Ed's work with our daughter Dani has helped her to achieve her goal of becoming an elite hockey player.  Ed's training focuses on body awareness, balance, explosion, power, speed and mobility - both on and off the ice.  Many of her coaches tell us that she is one of the strongest and most powerful youth athletes around.  Dani has progressed from a B-level hockey player to a AAA-level hockey player in two years, thanks to Ed's training sessions.  Ed's dedication to understanding each athlete is unparalleled - he even comes to watch games to ensure that his training is addressing the needs of each player.  Ed is an invaluable coach for all athletes young and old."


Kim Ammons

Hockey mom & athlete

Working with Brandon has helped me accomplish the highest level of AAA youth hockey here in Colorado and nationally.  His coaching has helped me increase my speed, strength and confidence.  I know I would not be at the level of hockey I am at now without Brandon's help and coaching.  I plan to keep utilizing Brandon as I work to move into junior hockey over the next year.

Michael Eveland-Houlihan

AAA Tigers, Colorado Springs

"Ed O'Connor has been an integral part in Braden's athletic journey for 2 years now. Braden competes in both football and baseball. Ed has done an excellent job tailoring his workouts to challenge him to excel during each specific season. Braden has shown significant improvement in speed, quickness, agility, flexibility, rotational power, strength and overall athleticism. Ed's positive demeanor and coaching style has helped improve Braden's confidence both on and off the field, helping to set him up for success"

Matthew & Kari Miceli


I have been working with Brandon for about 4 months now, and already I am making massive improvements. As a D1 soccer commit, hearing your future coach comment on how much faster, stronger and more explosive you look on the field is the ultimate marker of progress. Brandon has not only done this, but has improved my form and kept me healthy despite a demanding schedule. On top of all this, Brandon is a great guy who is fun to be around, and I always enjoy training with him.

Noah Hilt

U18 Real Developmental Academy (SMU Commit)

Our son trained with Ed and Brandon in a small group workout, typically 4-6 kids, for 20 weeks over the summer.  What we noticed by the end of these sessions was that he had much better core strength.  Another positive outcome was his body awareness and focus on doing the drills and exercises properly and safely.  Ed and Brandon make the sessions fun and relatable to the athlete’s sport.  On the ice, the benefit we noticed is that he has much better balance, and focus as well as overall strength in his core.  He has continued to train with Ed and Brandon with his hockey team and we are completely impressed with the results.  Without a doubt this training is beneficial and focused properly for his age group (12 years old).

The Alexander's

Littleton Hockey Association Parents & Coach

As a forty year veteran of competitive soccer, a U.S. Soccer-certified coach and a father of two committed youth soccer players, I have seen my share of agility and speed training sessions. Brandon Kress sets himself apart from anyone I've ever worked with in this area. His functional knowledge of speed and agility mechanics combined with his great personality and incredible rapport with the young people I've seen him train is a powerful combination. My son has made incredible strides (literally) and is so motivated to progress under Brandon's instruction. We are very fortunate to be working with him.

John Calhoon

Coach and Parent

Brandon has been a helpful yet fun coach who has assisted me in improving my speed. This has led to great improvement in my soccer game. I like how the workouts are specifically adapted to my needs.

Nate Calhoon

U14 Storm Select, Castle Rock

In my almost 2 years training with Brandon, I have achieved and far exceeded my fitness goals. I began training in order to get in better shape after an unsuccessful tennis season. As I progressed, Brandon did a great job integrating sport specific exercises that helped me achieve 5th place at the State tennis tournament. Over the entire course of my training with Brandon I have become a better tennis player and overall a better athlete. The sessions themselves have made a huge impact in how I continue to be healthy in my daily life. Thanks to Brandon I have improved my fitness, adopted a healthier lifestyle, and seen amazing results in my tennis game. I love coming in every week and training with such a great trainer and overall person!

Emma Noverr

Tennis, Highlands Ranch High School

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